Disney Cars Stop Light Tutorial

Disney Cars Stop light

Disney Cars Stop Light Tutorial

Stop Lights РMake a Rectangle box and cover with black paper. Add a yellow, green and red circles for the lights. Great to place hanging from a walkway. Add some streamers and some balloons and you have yourself a simple Disney Cars decoration.

Be inspired with these Disney Car DIY Decorations. Simply click on the image below.

Disney Cars Party Ideas

What you Need:

– Rectangle cardboard box

– Black, yellow, green and red cardstock or construction paper

– Tape

– Glue

Disney Cars Stop light


How to Make:

1. First take your rectangle box and tape black paper to cover it entirely.

2. Cut out 2 circles for each side of each color for the lights.

3. Tape the lights on the rectangle box.

That is it! You are done!


You can hang the stop light from a doorway in the walk path of the party. Add some streamers and balloons to add to the theme of the party.

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