Disney Cars Street Signs

Disney Cars Street Signs

Disney Cars Street Signs

Stop, Yield and Speed your way thru a fantastic Disney Cars Party with these fun and easy decorations.  Products used to create these street signs can be found at Dollar Tree.

Be inspired with these Disney Car DIY Decorations. Simply click on the image below.

Disney Cars Party Ideas

Wall Signs/Street Signs – Make some stop signs, yield, countries to place all over the party rooms. You can find the letters for the signs in the Moms Saving Money Store. Use your imagination and create your own. The sky is the limit! See the Wall Signs Tutorial.

Curve ahead signs

What you Need:

– Black, Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Green Construction Paper or Cardstock

– Tape/Glue


How to Make:

1. Take your cardstock and cut out the shapes and letters for the signs. You can find the letters and shapes in the Moms Saving Money Store.

2. For the Yield sign take the yellow base and glue the black rim on using double sided tape, glue or glue dots. Glue the letters to the word yield.

Yield Sign Disney Cars

3. Stop Sign. Take your red base and glue the white rim and letters to the word Stop.

4. Speed Limit Sign. Glue your black rim shape and black letters and number to your white base.

That is it! You are done!

For added fun attach them to poles or cardboard so they can be hand held and the kids can play with as traffic conductors.

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