Disney Cars Tire Cake Recipe

Disney Cars Tire Cake Recipe

Disney Cars Tire Cake Recipe

Be inspired with these Disney Car DIY Decorations. Simply click on the image below.

Disney Cars Party Ideas

This is a great cake to add to any Disney Cars Theme Party. Be sure to check out other Disney Cars Party Ideas.

What you Need:

– 2 Boxes of Cake Mix plus the ingredients specified on the box

– 4 Round Cake Pans of the same size

– Cake Tray

– Frosting (Chocolate or brown food coloring)

– White Icing


How to Make:

1. Mix and Bake the cakes as directed.

2. Once the cakes are baked place in the freezer for an hour to make them easier to work with.

3. Cut the tops of each cake to make them even.

4. Each Tire is made of two layers of cake. Place on top of each other.

5. This cake has the top two layers slightly hanging over the other making the distinction between both tires.

6. Use Chocolate frosting to cover or add brown food coloring to frosting until color is desired.

7. Spread the tires with frosting.

8. Take the white frosting and add the writing.

9. Going around the tires make the tire track lines at an angle.

That’s it! You are Done!

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