Disney Frozen Pretzel Sticks

Disney Frozen Pretzel Sticks

Disney Frozen Pretzel Sticks

What a great treat to give to your guests. These are so simple and easy to make, you can even have your guest make their own. The chocolate will dry fast and not too messy either!

What you Need:

– Large Pretzel Sticks

– Blue Chocolate Melts

– Melter

– Spatula


How to Make:

Step 1

Take your Melter and add chocolate melts and turn on.

Step 2

Stir your spatula and move it around until smooth.

Step 3

Take your pretzel sticks and dip into the chocolate.

Step 4

Let them dry until chocolate has harden.

Optional – Place them in a upright open Plastic Container to display.

That is it! You are done!

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