Disney Princess Wall Castle Tutorial


Princess Castle Tutorial

Disney Princess Wall Castle Tutorial

Below you will find the items you need to make as well as step by step instructions on how to make a Disney Princess Wall Castle.

What you Need:

– Yellow, Pink, Purple Plastic Tablecloth

– Packaging Tape

– Cardboard Boxes that are tall like Refrigerator Boxes

– White Wrapping paper


How to Make:

1. Cut out your Cardboard boxes to desired shape.

princess castle step 1

2. Cover entirely with white wrapping paper. You can use the back of Christmas wrapping paper the you already have alot of! Use packaging tape to secure.

princess castle step 2

3. Cover with pink and purple as your base with tape to secure.

princess castle step 3

4. Use yellow for the bricks and purple for the roofs as desired.

princess castle step 5

5. Draw the bricks on roofs and castle base. Add trimmings as desired like purple ribbon.

princess wall castle tutorial

That is it! You are done!

This is a simple to make large party piece, easy and cheap to make. Makes for a great picture backdrop.

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