Disney Tangled Banister Hair Decoration

Disney Tangled Banister Hair Decoration

Build excitement and have the wow factor for your Disney Tangled Birthday Party. This is so awesome if you have a banister and if not it is still awesome if you start from the ceiling and then just go around the room slowly going down towards the floor. So easy to make and costs a couple dollars depending on how long you plan on making it.

I bet you are already having so much fun creating an amazing Tangled Birthday. Keep the creativeness going. There are so many ideas you can easily do.

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Princess Dollar Tree Decorations


What you Need:

– 2-3 Yellow Tablecloth

– Packaging Tape

– Scissors

– Flowers (optional)

Tangled Braided Hair


How to Make:

1. Take a plastic yellow tablecloth and cut into 6 strips the long way.


2. Bundle up each strip to make it look poufy.


3. Braid like you would with hair with 3 strips.

Tangled Braid


4. Add the additional 3 strips to the existing and continue to braid. Make it as long as you desire so you may want to purchase 3-4 plastic tablecloths. These are a Dollar at Dollar Tree and currently $.97 at Walmart.


5. Make sure to secure them using packaging tape to the wall or bannister. You can use fishing wire instead which is much easier to cut when you are done and does not leave any marks.


6. (Optional) You can take some big fluffy flowers you can find at Dollar Tree and add to your Tangled Braid to make it pretty and more dimensional.


Perhaps you were thinking more of just using Yarn and twisting on the banister itself. Check out this cook ideas from Life, Love and Happily Ever After.


That is it! You are done!

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