DIY Canteen “Journey off the Map”

DIY Canteen Journey off the Map

DIY Canteen “Journey off the Map”

What you Need:

– Cookie Tin

– Brown spray paint

– Small Water bottle – filled

– Drill or box cutter

– Duck Tape

– Leather strap or Duck Tape/Ribbon

– Glue Gun


How to Make:

1. Clean out your cookie tin very well. I got a dozen from a yard sale that they had been stored in a shed for atleast a year maybe more. I used vinegar and baking soda to clean out.

2. Trace the circle of the cap of the bottle on the side you decide to be the top. Use a Utility knife or drill to cut your circle.

DIY Canteen Journey off the map 2

3. Lay down either plastic or newspaper and slowly spray pint your tin. Make sure to follow the direction provided on the spray can. Let it air dry fully. And yes please do this outside on a non windy day.

4. Once the tin is completely dry you will want to line the inside with paper. I have tons of scrapbooking paper so I used a cool design and traced two circles to place inside. I used a glue stick to secure them. Cut strip to line the inner sides and glued them down.

 DIY Canteen Journey off the map 1

5. Insert your water bottle from the inside of the canteen. Take a glue gun and secure around the neck of the bottle so it will not move.

DIY Canteen Journey off the map 3

6. Tape your strap on the side of your canteen. I used a thin utility string so I poked hole using a nail and inserted the string and tied a knot and tape them down.

DIY Canteen Journey off the map 4

7. Print out the Journey off the Map logo and cut to desired size and glue on the front of the canteen.

DIY Canteen Journey off the map 5

That is it! You re done!

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  1. Terry Jo

    Hi – what was the size of your cookie tin that you used. I love this idea and so want to have the kids make them at VBS. Thanks for your great ideas! I love them all!

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