Do It Yourself Shelf Liners!


I said a few days ago that I was going to start a new series about organization in small spaces.

We recently moved about a month ago. We went from having tons of room to a bit smaller. We do have lots of closet space that I will utilize in weeks to come and post about that but here is the first of many.

Do It Yourself Shelf Linders!

The place we moved into was not well cleaned prior to us coming. We did do a quick clean through and wiped and cleaned but with 3 small kids its a bit challenging so it was not a deep clean by any means.

So after 1 month I am finally getting to tackle some of those DIY projects and you get to benefit from my experience! It helps that two of the kids are in school.

If you are like us then money is tight especially after a move and a back to school.

Do It Youself Liners on the cheap.

1. Look for things you already have. Chances are you have Wrapping Paper – Christmas, Birthday or any other type will work. You can use the printed side or if you are like me and your cupboards are dark the lighter the better.

Tissue Paper – Great to have a thin lined shelf but may not hold up for dishes very well but would work well as a temporary shelf liner.

Newspaper – Great for bookshelves but not for dishes or writing utencils. The ink or wetness may drip onto the paper.

Cardstock – heavy duty but again may not last long if you put in semi wet dishes on yourshelves but an excellent way for food shelves.

Paper Bags – Reuse torn paper bags to line your shelf. Don’t throw them out just reuse.

Notebook Paper – Not my best suggestion but if you can’t find anything else and need a temporary shelf liner.

2. Take Some Basic Measurements. Before you start cutting be sure to take the measurements of the shelfs you need to line. It will save you some time and money especially if you have limited items

3. Use repositional Doublesided tape. If you have this great if not it can be a bit pricey but you can sometimes find them at Dollar Tree. Repositional tape is not strong like regular tape but it won’t harm your cabinets either if you need to remove them and switch them out.

4. Making them water resistent. You can easily make water resistent shelf liners by laminating the sheets. Or you can purchase cheap table mats from Dollar Tree and cut them to size.

5. Use old towels. If you have old towels that are more like rags instead of throwing them out cut them to size and use those to line your shelves.

Since I dont have a laminator and I am only using what I have right now. I am lining my kitchen shelves with Scrapbooking Cardstock paper since I have tons of it and lots that I havent used in years that I can repurpose for my self liners.

Hope these suggestions help you out. If you have any that can be added please feel free to comment below. Thanks again.


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