Do you feel a draft?

Do you feel a draft?

Here is something I learned today. Our living room has been a bit chili even though our inside temp says 75.

Well while we were waiting on snow to appear we had the curtains pulled back and I went to shut them a little and noticed the breeze coming from the top of the window. Sure enough it was open.

I then decided to check the other window. Same thing it was open at the top.

About an hour later after dinner we decided to get the kids ready to go play outside in the snow, as I went to the restroom I felt another draft similar to the one before. I checked the window and yup that one too was open.

I then decided to check our bedroom windows and yup those were open too! So guess what I decided to go through out the house and check them all.

Most of the remaining windows were also open at the top.

The odd thing is all of them were unlocked and opened about an inch each.

So do me a favor and go take a look at all your windows and make sure they are open or shut to your liking because you might feel an unwanted draft!

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Topic: Do you feel a draft?


  1. Crystal @ Color Me Crystal

    That’s a good thing to check. We check the windows frequently to be sure they’re closed and locked, for safety purposes. I can’t imagine how much money you will save on your heating bill now that you made your discovery!

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