Does Social Media Create added Stress to High School Relationships?

Does Social Media Created Added Stress to High School Relationships

So it occurred to me that Social Media like Facebook and twitter created added stress to High School relationships.

I’m sure the media has covered this to no end but I wanted to post a few things that Social media impacts any relationship.

1. Because of Social Media your relationships are now displayed publicly. Now many people are able to see your fights, arguments, and joyful moments. It makes it easier for friends and family to become involved and take sides.

Not to long ago relationships among kids and teens were dealt with face to face or lack of but now with social media those issues are taken to a new level which has also led to cyber bullying which was not something I even grew up with.

2. How do you handle a breakup – This is tough! How would a teen handle a breakup whether it is a bad breakup or a mutual, do you de-friend them? Do you delete photos? Will you block them on social media?

3. Future Jealousy – Here is something couples now will face. Past experiences with others will hinder future relationships. Here is what I mean. Say you had a previous boyfriend and the two of you were big into going to the theatre and seeing plays. Now with a newer boyfriend or even fiance you both have interests in other things that you do together. Sometime in your life you will need to deal with those past images posted to social media outlets. Will you remove them? How will you handle it. Yes it was a different time its part of your life but you will have to deal with how it will impact your current relationship and future relationships. How will handle when you have kids and they start asking why didn’t you do this with daddy or mommy?

So there is my two cents about social media creating stress in relationships.

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