Dollar Tree Graduation Table Decoration

Dollar Tree Graduation table decoration


Dollar Tree Graduation Table Decoration

The Theme is Fiesta Night! Make Table Centerpieces double as candy dishes

What you Need:

– Margaretta Plastic Glasses (Dollar Tree carries 3 colors – go ahead and mix and match)

– Candy – bright colors

– Toothpicks

– Colored Tissue Paper

How to Make:

1. Buy the Margerita plastic glasses all at once. Determine how many you need and if you are doing all one color or a mixture of colors. Ill only be doing 1 per table but you can do 3.

2. Make the umbrellas or you can buy them also but are not available at Dollar Tree. Take a colored tissue paper and cut out circles about the size of the rim of the glass or smaller.

Topic: Dollar Tree Graduation Table Decoration

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