Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffer Ideas


Dollar Tree Stocking Stuffer Ideas

I know firsthand how hard it is to afford Christmas gifts this year so I wanted to share a list of items I would not mind getting as gifts from the Dollar Tree. So yes some items from Dollar Tree are probably not worth getting but some are very good and some cases I prefer them more. Look I’m not looking for judgments or any advice about gifts, I am merely giving ideas for those who truly cannot afford gifts costing more than a $1 a piece. I hope this helps those of you who really need to watch your Christmas gift Budget.

Top Stocking Stuffer ideas from Dollar Tree


1. Spatulas or any Cooking utensils. When my hubby and I were first married my mother-in-law took us to Wal-Mart to get a few items we needed for our house and we needed a spatula but like many newlyweds we were too poor to buy one so she bought us a $4 Spatula and it lasted for 2 months before breaking. We replaced it with a $1 Spatula from Dollar Tree and it lasted us over a year so I would suggest the Betty Crocker Spatula or any of the cooking utensils as a great stocking stuffer. I do recommend however stay away from the thin plastic utensils like the can opener handles those do break pretty easy.

2. Oven Mitts or Hand Towels. As Much as I go through these because of small kids and never being able to find them. These are great to find holiday ones plus any everyday pot holders. Hand Towels can get expensive and the great thing with Dollar Tree ones is you are not spending a lot and they last a long time also great gift for newly weds.

3. Coke Dishes. My sister is a huge Coca Cola collector. She doesn’t just collect collector items she collects all and enjoys the cheap ones from Dollar Tree because you see she uses her Coca Cola dishes everyday and with teenagers they don’t last as long as she would like so replacements form Dollar Tree are wonderful gifts for her. I’m sure you can find a Coca Cola fan in your Christmas List.

4. Tools. Are you always looking for a Philips screwdriver like me? I seem to never find them! So tools for me are a great gift. Dollar Tree has more than just flashlights and screwdrivers.

Dollar Tree Tools

5. iPad Back Covers. So here is one of my favorites I recently found. I bought my back cover from Walmart and it was around $12 and within 6 months it chipped and doesn’t stay on as much like it should. So when I say these at Dollar Tree I was like yeah I can get 12 and replace every month if I wanted to!

6. Dog Toys. So yes don’t go spend a fortune on Dog Toys or Cat Toys when you can get some decent ones at Dollar Tree. The colors and leases work well too.

7. Christmas Ornaments. Have you seen the awesome Christmas Ornaments yes you will find some that are not the best but there are tons more that are awesome so unless you plan on doing after Christmas shopping for ornaments then this is the best place to get them on the cheap. Also great gifts for college students and newly weds. Help them start their own collection of Christmas Decorations and Ornaments.

8. Night Lights. Yes my kids still have a hard time sleeping in the dark so nightlights are a must in our house. I try to get ones that go with the theme of their rooms and since we go thru so many because the like to play with them, I know not safe! Most cost between $2-$4 at Walmart so this is a great alternative.

9. Picture Frames. Some of the best and long lasting picture frames I own is from Dollar Tree. Help a Newly Wed couple decorate their home with beautiful picture frames from Dollar Tree.

10. Candles. Everyone needs candles especially when you lose power. This is a great gift for the romantic in your life. Or for the person who likes relaxing in the tub to candle light. Newly weds, College students and everyone else could appreciate and use candles.

11. Earbuds. Just about everyone has an MP3 player or phone they use to listen to music. Give them a gift that’s great for a stocking stuffer. I remember the day when these use to be $10 and now you can get the for a $1. My little kids like trying to be like mommy and daddy and take them and swing them around and they snap apart so no more $10 earbuds for us. The $1 ones work just fine.

12. Toys. You can find all kinds of toys from stuffed animals to dress up stuff to puzzles and cards, cars and plastic animals. I know budgets are tight for us and many others and my kids are pretty happy even with the simple things.

Stuffed Animal Dollar Tree

13. Jewelry. You’d be surprise by the charm bracelets to earrings to necklaces you can find at Dollar Tree. If you have a little princess like mine than she loves jewelry but does not quite understand how to care for them so cheap jewelry is the way for us to go for now.

14. Hair accessories. You can get hair brushes to pretty hair bands to hair bows to all sorts of hair accessories makes for great dress up items and great stocking stuffers.

15. Candy. Of course we can’t leave out Cheap Candy. Wake up Christmas Morning and have a handful of Holiday Candy from your stocking! Hope this list helps you with some ideas and helps with your very tight budget. I know it has for our Christmas this year. Have other suggestions to add simply leave a comment below. Thanks for reading.
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  1. Leslie

    Thank you so much for this list, there are alot of things on here that I would not have thought about but can really come in handy. I am most definitely understanding where you are coming from with the shopping on a budget this year. My family has grown this year now totaling 6 kids and 2 adults but my income has not changed, so we are really having to make some changes. Just wanted you to know that i am thankful to have you helping me this year.

  2. Tina Hatch

    nail polish and remover, chap stick, bathroom stuff like bubbles, shower gel, activities, hair wraps, bathtub pillows, and for boys car cleaning supplies sponges, bucket and soap. air freshener, for the cook pasta, sauce pasta strainer, pasta spoons..I could go on

  3. Kirsten Love

    Also, cookie cutters to use with play doh, stickers and craft supplies, coloring books. Winter hats and gloves, since my son seems to lose one a week. My husband and I do stockings for each other and he always seems to have a hard time coming up with stuff to put in mine. To give him some ideas I actually walked around Dollar Tree snapping pics of stuff that would make good stocking stuffers for me. I included measuring cups, dish towels, ink pens, chapstick, bobby pins, pretty ornaments, candy, gum and chip clips.

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