Dollar Tree Trip Fail! See Why!

Dollar Tree Trip Fail

Let me first start from the beginning. The hubby wasn’t feeling good and he has a hard time admitting when he isn’t well so when he said that after the boys go to¬†school its time for him to go back to the bed.

So that means the little princess has to come with me.

I had all my coupons ready to make a Dollar Tree trip. Now I know that I wouldnt always be able to get the items on my list since not every Dollar Tree carries the same products or that the products are sold out.

So I was surprised that many of the items I went to get were there, but here comes part of the failed trip. The princess threw 3 fits while there so it took me an hour to get the items I was there for and then the big BOMB hits.

I get to the register even after letting 2 others go infront of me so I wouldn’t hold up the line. It was now my turn and I let the cashier know I have coupons. She kindly said to me she needed the coupons first and those products. She looked over them and then said to me about my Speed Stick Coupons that they couldn’t be used because the size was between those that were excluded. She called the manager over and so he said he will call corporate which he did but wasn’t getting an answer and then my little princess getting impatient threw another fit and I look behind me and yup I created a line

So one by one I took my coupons back. It wasn’t just the speed stick it was many and for different reasons. First I was in a hurry because of time since the hubby goes to work early today and I still had more stops to make before going home. The lady asked me if I wanted the items. I told her no that Id rather use the coupons and I can come back at another time. Both her and the manager didnt seem to happy to put back about a dozen items. So even though they are only a $1 thats still money I could use elsewhere and the products I was getting Im not in any hurry or needed them this minute.

So yeah it was a very stressful Dollar Tree Trip Fail.

So have you recently had a trip like this?

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