$4 Dollar Tree Wedding Centerpiece

$4 Dollar Tree wedding centerpiece


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Dollar Tree Wedding Centerpiece

Below you will find what you need to purchase to make a centerpiece from items at Dollar Tree. Check out the step by step instructions below.

What you need: (All items can be purchased at Dollar Tree in various colors)

– Vase

– Flower Petals

– Floral Block

– Taper Candle


How to Make:

1. Choose the vase you plan to use and make sure you have an idea of how many tables you will have, Purchase them all at once or order online to ensure you have the same kind.

2. Take the floral block and cut down to size to fit snug into vase.

3. Gently press taper candle in the center of the floral block.

4. Add flower petals into the vase and push them down and around the candle making sure the floral block is not seen.

5. Place your vase on the desired table and add more flower pedals all around giving it an elegant look.


*Please note the colors of the candle and floral petals are what I had in my stash but are from Dollar Tree. All items in the picture were purchased from Dollar Tree and may vary slightly to product availability today.


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