Dr. Seuss Hat Pinata Tutorial

Dr. Seuss Hat Pinata

Dr. Seuss Hat Pinata Tutorial

Do you love reading? Are you looking for ideas on how to get kids excited about reading? Look no further because everyone loves Pinatas. Dr. Suess Birthday is coming up. Get your young reader excited with celebrating reading.

Looking for other ideas on how to celebrate Dr. Seuss check out these awesome Dr. Seuss cupcakes by Madame Deals.

Don’t forget to get into the spirit and celebrate by picking up a Dr. Seuss book or two. Most of ours came from Thrift Shops or yard sales. Give the gift of reading. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Let your kids see you read.

What you Need:

– Cardboard (Christmas Gift boxes)

– Ducktape

– Bungee

– White Tissue paper

– Red Streamers


How to Make:

1. Prepare your box to make into a cylinder.

Step 1 dr seuss hat

2. First you will need to take one half of a box and tape the ends making a cylinder. Yes I am using Georgia Bulldogs duck tape. It was a gift and I am using it! I know I should be making something really cool out of it but how I see it I am making something out of it that I enjoy making.

Step 1 dr seuss hat

3. Prepare the bungee loop for the top. Take a piece of cardboard and poke a hole in the middle. Push through the bungee loop in the hole. Secure with duck tape. This will help keep the top strong and lasting while your pinata celebration is going on.

Step 3 dr seuss hat


4. Tape the bungee to the inside of the top of the hat.

Step 4 dr seuss hat

5. Tape the bottom shut. Tape the top almost shut except an entry way to place in the pinata goodies. Cut the round hat rim.

Step 5 dr seuss hat


6. Wrap your hat with White tissue paper for both the top of the hat and the hat rim and attach together.

Step 6 dr seuss hat


7. Take red streamer and start wrapping around the rim of the pinata, again at the top and then the middle of the hat. Make sure to cover the top of the hat leaving the open flap open. You can cover the flap separately and close shut at a later time.

Step 7 dr seuss hat

That is it! You are done!

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