Dragon Fly Spoons Tutorial – Journey off the Map

dragon fly spoons vbs 2015

Dragon Fly Spoons Tutorial

These dragon fly spoons are a great craft for Lifeways Journey off the Map VBS or you can use them to help decorate the hallways and make a wonderful colorful and living jungle atmosphere. An alternative Journey off the Map Craft that can be made for pennies per child and lower the cost of crafts especially for those churches and groups unable to afford the expense of the pre-made crafts.

What you Need:

– Plastic Spoons

– Googly Eyes

– Glue

– Paper

– Scissors

– Gems

– Glitter Glue


How to Male:

Step 1

Lay your Spoon face down and place two glue spots on the front of the spoon. Carefully place the googly eyes onto the glue spots and hold down. Allow to dry completely.

DIY Dragon Fly spoons 2

Step 2

Cut out your dragon fly wings as desired. I cut an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet in half hamburger side. Then took each half and folded hotdog style. This would get me 4 for each half. I then cut from the fold and made a heart shape without the bottom point ending at the fold. When you unfold this you can clearly see the wings.

DIY Dragon Fly spoons 1

Step 3

Glue the wings at the neck of the spoon as shown below.

Step 4

Place your gems using glue if they are not self adhesive as you desire.

DIY Dragon Fly spoons 3

Step 5

Trace the edge of the wings with glitter glue. Allow to completely dry before picking up.

That is it! You are done!

These are great to be added to the Journey off the Map Background and flowers.

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