Dress like Captain America #Review

Captain America Costume Review

Dress like Captain America #Review

So what part of the birthday party is the most exciting for my son. No, it is not the cake and ice cream, nor is it the presents. In fact he would rather I serve carrots and ranch instead of cupcakes and ice cream!

The favorite part of my son’s party for him is seeing everyone dress up. He loves to play dress-up and when I was a little girl I too was a huge fan but i had to pretend in my mind because I did not have dress-up clothes nor did I have the means to buy or make my own.

My kids are only going to be kids once and all of them enjoy dress up when we all can dress-up together. Last year we dressed up as Minions and the year prior for my other son my husband dressed as a Pirate.

So this year my son’s theme for his party is Avengers. What did he ask for? He asked that is be a Costume party and asked if Daddy can dress up like an Avenger.

I recently got a Captain America costume for my son on clearance after Halloween. Now it is time to surprise my son that daddy will in fact dress up as an Avenger. Guess who? Captain America of course. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated and this is no exception. I know my son has enjoyed daddy coming down the stairs in his costume.

I am partial, but I do believe this Captain America Costume looks wonderful on my husband. This costume is the Captain America 2 Winter Soldier Retro Adult costume from Costume Discounters.

The material is thin but just right to have clothes underneath. Unfortunately my husband is self conscious so he decided to place pants over the bottom half of the costume. I wasn’t able to get a full body picture of how the costume would look like.

The material is solid and breathable. I suspect that the material will not frey easily with how rough my hubby and kids are! If you are self conscious like my husband I do recommend buying a size larger.

The party went well. The best part of the costume is that even with how cold it was outside my husband still managed to work up a sweat and was very thankful as to how thin the costume was.

Captain America

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