Easter Bunny Pinata Tutorial

Easter Bunny Pinata

Easter Bunny Pinata Tutorial

My family would make pinata to celebrate birthdays but never for other holidays. We recently moved into a new area and had invited others over for my son’s party. I am forever grateful for everyone who came because if you have ever moved to a new area then you know it is hard to meet new people and make friends.

Shortly after the party I was asked to make an Easter pinata so this is truly my first one. I am grateful to have the opportunity to make this pinata.

What you Need:

– Christmas Card box

– Packaging tape

– White, Blue, Pink Tissue

– Black Pipe Cleaners

– Bungee

– Large Balloon

– Black Sharpie

Bunny supplies


How to Make:

1. First air up your large balloon. This will service to help you form the shape of the Bunny. And yes that is a New Years balloon I have used. I got a 25 pack for 10 cents on clearance. You can’t beat the price and I use them for things like this.

2. Tape the box around the balloon to make your shape. Make slits at the top to make the round shape.


3. Take the bungee and slip thru an extra piece of cardboard and tape down to secure.


4. Tape the Bungee loop into the top of the pinata.


5. Close up the bottom. Be sure to leave an opening to put in all your goodies.


6. Cover entire pinata with white tissue paper and tape down.

7. Make your ears using the christmas gift box and cover with white tissue paper. Add pink inner ear. Tape them on.

8. Make the eyes using white cardstock. Add blue tissue paper and secure. Take a black sharpie marker and color around the eye and draw on the eyeball.

9. Add the black pipe cleaners for the whiskers.

10. Make a nose using pink tissue paper and tape it on.

That is it! You are done!

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