Easy Little Bee Craft!

Easy Little Bee craft



Here is a itty bitty easy little Bee craft to make!

My sister made these for a Princess Tiana Birthday party for my niece. We made flowers to on the walls on lily pads and put these little bees on them.

What you Need:

– Yellow Pom pom

– Black pipe cleaner

– 2 googly eyes

– White Tissue Paper

– Hot glue gun and glue sticks


How to Make:

1. Take the yellow pom pom and the black pipe cleaner and wrap the pipe cleaner around the pipe cleaner making it looked striped like a bee.

2. Glue on your googly eyes.

3. cut out a tiny set of wings from the white tissue paper and glue to its back.

That’s it very simple and easy and very cute. Just don’t lose him like I did!


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