Emmett Vest Tutorial (LEGO Movie)

Emmett Vest Tutorial (LEGO Movie)

Have you seen the LEGO Movie – Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team. Everything is awesome, when we are living our dreams.¬†Below you will find the supplies you need plus step by step instructions on how to make the Emmett Vests.

Make everything awesome with these simple and cool Emmett Vests.

What you Need:

– Orange Plastic Tablecloth

– Packaging Tape

– Duck Tape


How to Make:

Step 1

Take your Orange Tablecloth and cut out Vests.

Step 2

Use the packaging tape to secure the sides together.

Step 3

Use the duck tape and cut in 3 strips to make the reflective stripes on the vest.

That is it! You are done!

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