Eugene Vest Tutorial (Tangled)

Eugene Vest Tutorial (Tangled)

Need a Costume idea for the boys or even girls for a Tangled Theme Party? Consider making Eugene’s Vest. Simple and easy addition to a great party.¬†Below you will find the supplies you need plus step by step instructions on how to make the Eugene Vest from Tangled.

What you Need:

– Blue Plastic Tablecloth

– Double sided tape

– Sticky curling ribbon

– Yellow cardstock

– Brown packaging paper

– packaging tape


How to Make:

  1. First find a generic vest pattern you want to use. Make sure you make a size bigger than the child. You may want to also consider making a couple larger and a couple smaller.
  2. Cut out your pattern vest you may be able to get between 4-8 depending on the size you cut out.
  3. Take your Double sided tape and attach the parts together.
  4. Add sticky Curling ribbon to make it more dimensional.
  5. Take your yellow cardstock and cut out rectangles for the buttons.
  6. Cut out a brown belt from the packaging paper.

That is it. You are done!

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