Extra Cabinet Storage

Have a small kitchen with hardly any cabinets or storage? Here is a creative way to get extra cabinet storage for your small kitchen or any kitchen of any size.


Dollar Tree extra cabinet storage space

Extra Cabinet Storage

Very simple and cost less than $2.

The hooks are from Dollar Tree and come in a 9 pack for $1. They have the sticky backs and all you need to do is remove the protective paper and just press them where you want them. Let them sit for a couple of hours before hanging anything on them.

Cabinet Storage

I got the magazine holder from a Salvation Army for 50 cents, but you can also find them at Dollar Tree for $1. Make sure you get the ones that can hook on the hooks. Magazine holders come in a variety of designs and colors. Keep an eye out at Thrift Stores or yard sales.

I liked the big holes and even used one to place the trash bag roll with the end pulled through one of the holes to easily pull them and tear off as I need them.

What creative storage idea do you have in your kitchen? Leave me a comment below with your ideas. If you liked this post be sure to share and like.

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