Fake Wooden Sign Tutorial

Journey of the map wood palates

Fake Wooden Sign Tutorial – Journey off the Map ideas

Need a large inexpensive decoration idea that won’t take much time. This is it and easy to make. Make wooden panels and write the words “This is the Way – Walk in it.”

What you Need:

– Large Cardboard box

– Drip cloth or plastic bags

– Brown paint and brush or sponge

– Brown and White Marker or Chalk

– Packaging Tape


How to Make:

1. First you will need to lay your drip cloth or plastic bags down on your work area. Plastic tablecloths from Dollar Tree are a nice alternative and inexpensive.

2. Pull your cardboard box apart to lay flat so you can cut long  strips of cardboard to make wooden slats. These wooden slats will soon become your fake wooden sign.

Fake wooden sign 1


3. You will want to cut your ends to make the jagged edges. Don’t worry they do not need to look perfect.

Fake wooden sign 2

4. Apply the brown paint to your wooden(cardboard) slats brown. It is important that you go back and forth and not all crazy to make your wooden slats look more natural. Make sure they are dry thoroughly before moving on. You can add random 2nd and 3rd strokes to various parts of the cardboard to look like natural uneven wood. If you are hanging this on a wall you will only need to paint the side that will show. If you plan to have it hang with both sides showing then I advise you paint both sides of the cardboard.You can even create knots in your wood by taking a bit of paint at the end of your brush or sponge and make a small circle on the cardboard in the desired area. I used two different browns to make the wooden look.

Fake wooden sign 3

4. Use white marker or chalk and write out the words ” This is the Way – Walk in it.” as pictured below.

Fake wooden sign 4

5. Turn your wooden slats with the face down in order as you want them. You will then tape the slats on the back. Make sure they are secure enough.

Fake wooden sign 4

That is it! You are done!

Topic: Fake Wooden Sign Tutorial – Journey off the Map ideas

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