Following your Child’s School Bus

Have you ever followed your child’s school bus?

I certainly haven’t until today. This is the first year we have out our kids on the bus to go to school. last year we just had our son ride the bus home but not too school.

Today my oldest was having Breakfast in Pajamas at school and I had already volunteered to help so the princess and I followed the school bus. It was an interesting experience. I felt like. I was doing something wrong I even made sure to not be so noticeable so I followed at a distance plus I even let a truck I front of me so it wouldn’t seem so obvious I was following.

Of course once we got to the school I did not follow in the bus lane but I did go and park and still manage to get to the front door by the time my boys were getting off the school bus to go inside.

Now I know you may be wondering why didn’t I just drive them to school rather than let them ride the bus when I was going there also.

Here’s the deal my boys struggle with change or disruption to routine and expectations. It was not a battle I wanted to have so the best for my boys was to let them ride the bus and I drive with the princess to the school.

So have you ever followed your child’s school bus? Was the route what you expected?

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