Football Favor Bag Tutorial

Looking for a quick way to hold your Football snacks? Here is a quick Football Table Decoration Idea or craft that can be done with Preschoolers. The Football Favor Bag Tutorial will help you easily create a Football theme with not much effort.

Football Favor Bag Tutorial

What you Need:

  • Brown Paper Bags
  • White Streamers or White Electric tape, You can use masking tape

How to Make:

  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Lay your Brown paper bag flat on the table.

3. Take a 4 – 5 inch strip of White Tape and place it down in the center of the bag.

4. Cut 3 – 5 strips of 1 ½ inches and place down on the tape horizontal starting from the middle. Make sure to evenly space them out.

Topic: Football Favor Bag Tutorial

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