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Do you have your weekly menu planned – at least for a couple of weeks? I know with my family and our busy schedule, we typically figure out what we are doing for a meal at the spur of the moment. Let me tell you, this leads to eating out more and not preparing our meals. We would have the same thing over and over! I came to the point that I wanted more variety. I am not the best cook by far, but I do like making a new meal now and then. With all the great meals shared by Tasty I wanted to try some of these. I created this Weekly Menu Printable to help.

I hope this Weekly menu printable will work for your family and your command center.


FREE Weekly Menu Printable

I’ve been working on creating a command center that doesn’t just look cool, but serves a purpose. Look how you can create a Command Area that works for you.

I didn’t realize how much my children would look forward to seeing whats listed on the menu for the week, until they get irritated when nothing is written, even my very picky eater who seldom eats what we have listed!


Check out Simple and Cheap Recipe Ideas that my family enjoys.

Keep track of your groceries with this simple Shopping Printable.

I came up with the idea more to help myself. I needed to be able to visualize what meals I can make, based on the food I have on hand. Not only will this help you keep track of the food in your pantry it will also help you with your shopping list.

Get your FREE weekly-menu-pdf here.

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What resource do you use to make meal planning work for you and your family? What have you added to your Command Area that make it more usable for your family? Let me know your ideas in the comments below.

If you find this weekly menu printable helpful let me know in the comments below.

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