Frog Prince Cake Recipe

Princes Frog Cake

Frog Prince Cake Recipe

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Princess and the Frog party Ideas

Below you will find what supplies you will need, as well as step by step instructions on how to make a Frog Prince Cake.

What you Need:

– 2 boxes of cake mix (ingredients as requested on the box)

– Oval cake pan

– Rectangle Cake pan

– Frosting

– Green and Black food coloring

– Yellow Cardstock/Red Marker for Crown, Blue glitter


How to Make:

1. First mix up the cake mix as directed on the boxes. You will pour one into the round pan.

2. Pour the other box into rectangle cake pan and bake as directed.

3. Let both cakes cool down and freeze in the freezer for an hour to work with easier.

4. Mix Green food coloring into Frosting, Make sure to leave a little for the white and black needed for the eyes.

5. Place the round cake on your platter.

6. Cover the round cake with frosting.

7. Cut the legs of the frog out of the rectangle cake sheet and place on each side of the round cake. Also cut out 2 small circles of cake for the eyes and place on top of the round head and cover with frosting.

8. Frost the legs.

9. Add white frosting circles to the top for eyes. Add black frosting circles to the middle of the eyes to complete them.

10. Make your crown from yellow cardstock and tape. Decorate as desired with red marker and blue glitter.


You did it! You are Done!

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