Frozen (Elsa’s) Tiara Tutorial

Elsa's Tiara

Your princess and her guests will love these Frozen (Elsa’s) Tiara Tutorial to make simple tiaras they can decorate on their own.

Frozen (Elsa’s) Tiara Tutorial

What you Need:

– Cardstock/cardboard or gift box

– Glitter

– Glue

– Tape

– Pipe cleaners either white or blue

– Gold Paper


How to Make

1. First get your cardstock/cardboard or gift box to trace or cut out with a cutting machine the Tiara Shape. You can find the shape available in the Moms Saving Money Store.

2. Cut out your shape.

3. You can either cover with blue tissue paper and then glue on blue glitter or if you used white cardboard then you can just glue on blue glitter. You can also make it gold with gold paper.

4. Add the gems. You can find gems from other jewelry in the toy section at Dollar Tree. You can also find rather inexpensive gems at thrift stores. Make sure to use a permanent glue to attach the gems. You can also use darker blue or even pink glitter and make the shapes of the gems.

5. Add the pipe cleaner to the sides of the tiara by punching holes on the ends. Pipe cleaners can make it easier to readjust the width as needed for the tiaras.



That is it! You are done!


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