Frugal Date: Lunch and a Movie under $10

So it is not often that my hubby has a day off where the two of us can spend some time alone without our kids. So I wanted to share what we do on a Very Frugal Date.

How to Save on a Frugal Date

See a Movie and grab some lunch.

So first of we save on a movie by going to a matinee and most importantly going to the Dollar Theater. Long have gone the days that our Dollar Theater is actually $1

Now its $2.50 (I think, don’t quote me because it have been a very long time since we have been there)

Matinee is $1.50 so for 2 tickets = $3 (by the way we went to see “Now You See Me”)

We use to go to Wendy’s and get food off the $1 Menu and get water (now the price is $.25 then it was FREE) ┬áso we would pay $4 (2 items each) and some change but since the prices have gone up and are $1.29-$1.39 we would now be paying somewhere around $6

So now a cheap place for us to eat is COOKOUT where a tray is $5.24 so our plan is to share a Tray.

I will add a side item that is $1 and I will bring my own water bottle (working on another Frugal Post and I need the empty water bottle! Besides I really need to drink more water anyway)

So our Meal will Cost around $6.50


So Our total Lunch and a movie will be under $10 including taxes!

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