Frugal Fresh Start Purchase 2 – Dollar General

Frugal Fresh Start Purchase 2 – Dollar General

This changes everything. As I have been doing my research; visiting store and taking pictures of products I want to furnish our new place I had my second purchase all planned out between items from Wal-mart and Dollar Tree.

But then all of a sudden Dollar General sends me this incredible coupon for 50% off Housewares, etc.

I had to remap my entire purchase to maximize my savings. I’m sure you are thinking that Dollar General products are not always better and I agree so there are some items I will refrain from getting but remember I am looking for basic needs, I need the items to do the job and I know fully well that over time they will need to be replaced just like everything else.

Before our financial downfall we had Dollar Store and Wal-mart items and they lasted a pretty long time for us.

I am being frugal minded as well as realistic. The more I can save the more I can put towards our car or to our future place.

So with that I ended up getting on my second purchase using the Dollar General coupon. I ended up saving over $40 that I would have spent buying these items elsewhere even at their cheapest cost.

Serving Spoons $.50 each got 2

Spatulas $.50 each got 2

Serving Ladel $.50

Potato Peeler $.50

Wisk $.50

Masher $.50

Tongs $.50

Spray Bottle $.50

Cups 3ct for $.50 got 2 sets

Large Spoons 3ct for $.50 got 2 sets

Toaster $5

Can Opener $5

Coffee Maker 12 Cup $6.25

Pillows 2ct $3

Mixing Bowls $3 for 4ct

Utencil Drawer Holder $1.50

Broom & Dustpan $3.25

Garbage Can $8.50

Storage Tubs 4ct for $12

Kitchen Trash Can $4.33

Kitchen Towels 6ct $5

Iron $4.50

Pitcher $1.50

Swiffer Mop $5

Wash clothes $10

Total $84.88 plus Tax  – $89.12

I saved $84.88 using the 50% off Housewares Dollar General Coupon


Dollar Tree Purchases

Bowls 6ct $2

Salt & Pepper Shaker $1

Sponges 3ct $1

Steak Knives 4ct $1

Pots and Pans Brush $1

Shelf liner $1

Can Opener $1

Bucket $1

Total $9.45


Grand Total = $98.57

I did make a purchase of Toilet Paper of $9.60 and a Shovel of $9.97 because of the projected snow storm we will be getting soon.


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