Galactic Beaded Star Pipe Cleaner Craft

Lifeway VBS 2017 Galactic Starveyors has many wonderful craft ideas you can choose from. Here is an alternative craft idea you can do with your preschool age participants. This Galactic Beaded Star Pipe Cleaner Craft can be less expensive per participant and fairly easy to make.

Galactic beaded star pipe cleaner craft

Galactic Beaded Star Pipe Cleaner Craft

You can find a variety pack of pipe cleaners (chenile stems) 45ct at Dollar Tree. You can also find regular straws  with lines 180ct or 80ct Neon Straws at Dollar Tree as well. You can make these for as little as 3 cents each.


What you Need:

  • Long Beads (No more than 1 inch long, various colors)
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Tape (If desired for connecting ends)


How to Make:

        1. Gather your materials together before getting started.


      2. Create your long beads by either cutting 1 inch in length straws or purchasing 1 inch long beads from your local craft store. You can purchase these 1 inch long beads on Amazon (afl)

        3. First you will want to place on long bead on pipe cleaner at end. Keep 1 cm length at end to connect to other end.

4. Now begin to fold pipe cleaner up and down making each length the same. You should come up with 10 total bends in your long beads are 1 inch or less in length. (Beads pictured are color straws but at 1 inch, these are easier for Preschool age participants to handle).


    5. Connect ends to pipe cleaners together by twisting them together. I recommed for the younger participants that adult helpers come by and connect the ends, then take some tape, scotch or masking tape is best to wrap ends to keep them from being sharp and poking out when handled.

That is it! You are done!

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