Galactic Starveyors Popsicle Stick Star Craft

Galactic Starveyors Popsicle Stick Star Craft

Have your Starveyors make these galactic starveyors popsicle stick star craft for Day 3 – The Restoration Promise. Have the stars pre-made for the preschool age group, so all they will do is decorate. Remember that preschool age children will take a longer to decorate. Older kids can follow directions to assemble on their own.



What you Need:

  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Glue or Glue dots
  • Gems or glitter glue
  • Yarn or ribbon

How to Make:

  1. I suggest you premake these stars for the preschool and younger age groups so they can immiedetly decorate them. Younger participants tend to take longer than older ones.
  2. This can be a bit tricky but follow the design as shown below when gluing your sticks together. Glue will semi dry within 20 mins to keep that in mind. I also suggest using glue dots as well to make the process go a little quicker.


3. Tie yarn or ribbon to the top to make it into a wall hanging Star.

That is it! You did it!


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