Galactic Starveyors Telescope Tutorial

Make a Galactic Starveyors telescope prop for VBS 2017 theme to add to your classroom decorations and at the end of the week let your starveyors take one home. What a great idea for Lifeways Galacatic Starveyors VBS decoration. Be sure to remind kis that its not a working telescope but a prop that will break and not durable.


Galactic Starveyors Telescope DIY

Galactic Starveyors Telescope Tutorial

What you Need:

  • Paper towel roll or poster board
  • Red paper/material or plastic tablecloth
  • Black paper or streamer
  • Red streamer
  • Silver Streamer/Tablecloth
  • Tape/Glue
  • Paper cup or sturdy poster board (for eye pieces)

How to Make:galactic-starveyors-telescope-prop

  1. Take your empty paper towel roll and cover it with red paper. Tape it to secure well. If you are making a giant telescope use a poster board that you can get from Dollar Tree for $1 and roll it with a smaller end on one side and larger opening on the other side.

  2. Tape well. Cover with red plastic tablecloth. I used the red runner material I had saved from 2016 Submerged theme and covered my poster board with this.
  3. Take your paper cup or smaller pieces of poster board and cut a hole at the bottom and slide over your paper towel roll or roll into a cylinder. Tape well.
  4. Cover with red paper and tape together to secure. On the giant telescope I used the paper cup and cut out the bottom and along 1 side straight so I could re-roll the cup, as I needed to fit on the inside of the telescope poster board. Tape well to secure.
  5. Take cardstock and roll a tight circle for the viewing area of the telescope. Slide into the paper cup and tape securely. Cover both the tight viewing area as well as the paper cup as you desire. I used the grey plastic bag and covered the cup using black plastic tablecloth.
  6. Take clear plastic and tape on the end. You can use the sandwich ziploc bag or you can pick up a clear drop cloth from Dollar Tree that works just as well.
  7. Tape black paper around the base and the end of the telescope. You can also use black electrical tape also found at Dollar Tree. I used black streamers that I had on hand. I taped underneath.
  8. To make the added silver/grey circle using cardstock. Again attach to the other part of the telescope using black electric tape.

That is it! You are done!

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