VBS 2018 Game On Dollar Tree Decorations

As always open your mind and let it run wild. Use your imagination. You can create wonderful decorations with simple and inexpensive items from Dollar Tree. Who is excited for Lifeway’s 2018 theme? I know I am. I love to decorate and create things. Check out below some Dollar Tree VBS 2018 Game On Decoration Ideas.

Lifeway has wonderful decorations they provide for sell. If you are looking for inexpensive alternatives check out these Game On Dollar Tree Decoration Ideas. These are items you can get from Dollar Tree, please keep in mind that some products are seasonal and only available during those times. I suggest you visit frequently and different locations as they vary from store to store.

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Below you will find some ideas that I thought would make great decoration Ideas from Dollar Tree for Lifeways VBS 2018 Game On theme.

11+ Dollar TreeVBS Ideas

VBS 2018 Game On Dollar Tree Decorations

  1. Orange Table Cloth to make Giant Basketballs for Wall decorations

Basketball Tablecloth Dollar Tree

Get White and Black Tableclothes and make Giant Soccer Balls for wall decorations as well.

2. Brown Football Party Items

NFL Football Party Ideas

3. Sports Partyware

Dollar Tree Football Soccer Basketball Tableware

Sports Game On Table Centerpiece

4. Sports Balls and Pom Poms

Sports balls

5. Treasure Box/VBS Store Items

6. Table Top Decorations





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