Game On Enlisting VBS Volunteers

Many churches try to have their Vacation Bible School in June and that is what we typically do as well. So the following planning strategies are geared towards those planning a VBS in June. These will be some of the ideas you will want to heavily focus on for VBS February Planning, more specifically Game On Enlisting VBS Volunteers.

Just a note: I am in no way affiliated with Lifeway. Ideas presented below and in the eBook as well as printables are created by me and are inspired by the 2018 VBS theme.

Game On Enlisting VBS Volunteers

I bet you already have volunteers in mind that will fit perfectly in different areas on your team. But before we get started to help you find those hard to get volunteers make sure you have started with the most important thing, PRAYER. Yes I have said it once again and you will see it more and more. So pause with me for a brief minute and let’s pray.

“Dear Heavenly Father, we thank you for the opportunity and blessing you have given us to be part of your work through Vacation Bible School. We want to honor you in all that we do, so we ask that you guide us in our decisions and you give us the peace and understanding for tough situations or obstacles that may arise as we plan out VBS. We pray that you open the hearts of those who will volunteer and for all those that will participate, that they may know you and grow to love you and accept you as our Lord and Savior. We love you God, Amen”

I have to say I have not written out a prayer on a post until now. I feel it is important that we cover ourselves in prayer and our team and participants. God will be with us if we seek Him and ask that he be part in all our decisions during our VBS planning.

Have you already read “VBS GAME ON – GETTING STARTED” if not take a moment and head over to read it and then come back here. We will wait, we won’t be going anywhere!

So now you know that you need to have firm Dates and Times that your VBS will be you can now ask for volunteers.

Let’s Enlist VBS Volunteers

First let’s not get discouraged when the first person tries to beat around the bush and doesn’t say no but doesn’t say yes either. You will get many of these as you go person to person so let’s start out simple. Let me help you with a VBS 2018 Game On Volunteer Leaders PDF to help you keep track of those you asked and have agreed to volunteer for VBS.

Use the Following to promote the need for volunteers:

  • Facebook Group for VBS
  • Church Facebook Group/Page
  • Church Website
  • Church Calendar
  • Church Worship Announcement Slide
  • Sunday School Announcement
  • Pastor Service Announcement
  • Mass Email
  • Text Messaging

Facebook Group for VBS

Yes, once you have your date and times solidified create a VBS facebook group so those interested in praying, volunteering or bring their children will have information in an easy format. Yes you can combine this with information for participants as well as those who volunteer. It helps everyone see all that goes into planning the week of Vacation Bible School.

Church Facebook Group/Page

If your Church has a Facebook page then create an event from your VBS Facebook Page/Group and share it to the Church Facebook Page. Often times you will have the community who doesn’t necessarily attend your church but following the Church Facebook page. Also makes it easier for those who are not volunteering for VBS to still be able to share the event to their friends and family.

Church Website

This is a must. If your Church has a website then create a page with all the basic information about VBS. Provide information on Security and what to expect. Go high tech and add a registration form in either a PDF printable format or use a Google doc form to register online. There are many free alternatives to allowing online registration. Lifeway does have Kid Event Pro that you can use for multiple registration events.

Please Note: I am not an affiliate of Lifeway nor am I getting compensated in any way to promote material sold by Lifeway. I have used these products myself and find them helpful.

Church Calendar

You should have already placed your Vacation Bible School Week on the church calendar especially if you have read GAME ON “GETTING STARTED”. Why placing your VBS on the Church Calendar is so important? If you have it already on the calendar in January/February then you help with eliminating confusion and over booking too many large events for your church. Plus, many of your volunteers that would participate in the other events you will want for your VBS.

Church Worship Announcement Slide

If your church has the ability to show slides on a projector screens or TV’s during the beginning or end of Worship Service this is a great time to advertise your need for volunteers. I use to create my slides and images. It is free to use and there are stock footage you can use or purchase. Lifeway has posted many VBS media items for free to use.

Sunday School Announcement

Yes, most definitely go to all the Sunday School classes one by one and promote Vacation Bible School and give specifics on what spots you are still currently looking to fill. Create a sheet like the volunteer list sheet to hand out to each adult class and collect them at the end of Sunday School.

Pastor Service Announcement

There is nothing like the Pastor getting up in front during the Worship Service to announce Vacation Bible School Volunteers are needed. Give them a couple of examples of what positions are still needed. Have those interested to meet after service in a specific location to meet with you briefly to let you know of their interest and this time you can tell them when your first VBS Leaders meeting will be.

Mass Email

Please get permission first. Ask the church secretary and Pastor if it would be possible to send a mass email to the church list about Vacation Bible School asking for volunteers, be sure to include dates of Leader Meetings and when VBS will be.

Text Messaging

It’s 2018, let’s be real! Many of your close friends and family you connect with you have their phone number to text them. Utilize texting to ask friends and family to join your VBS team.

Note about Asking: Please don’t go up to someone and say “Will you volunteer or work in VBS?” instead phrase it like this, “Where can I place you to serve in VBS?”

Why? Because phrasing your asking like the second example you will get more volunteers than if you ask will they volunteer. We all want to feel needed and important. The first phrase is as if you are saying we need a person but you may not be what we want. The second phrase gives a person affirmation that you thought of them and perhaps you have a place in mind for them to serve in VBS.

Be sure to check out VBS Director Helps.

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