Frugal Fresh Start Week 5 – Getting Everyone on Board

Frugal Fresh Start Week 5 – Getting Everyone on Board

I left you last week with checking off products as you get them. Isn’t it exciting to start collecting your basic needs to start a home. Soon you will be excited to put everything in place. Now is the time to get the rest of the family on board and excited.

1. Get everyone on Board. Get the kids involved and help them get exited for their bedroom and how they want it to look.

Remember you are starting over and you can choose your theme and still be frugal. You can find alternatives inexpensively. I mentioned that I found pink kitchenware at Wal-mart from their back to school College section. I found them on clearance so I was very excited. I even have gone to Dollar Tree and found that they have pink Zebra print pots and pan scrub, Kitchen Towels and placemats. I asked the hubby would he mind. He said “no” so I guess he is ok with my zebra addiction. I love Zebra print and I like the pink as an accent. So exciting. So you see you can create your dream kitchen or any other room and still be frugal and not spend tons of money. I am excited. It feel great to start over and get what I want. Before when we first got married we went with blue and white so kind of generic colors and everything did match but very bland. I have a friend who is giving me some dishes similar to the ones we use to have and I am very grateful for them. There isn’t enough for all five so I still plan on getting black or pink dishes. Black are more likely and easy to find at a low cost. I also found black oven mitts and pot holders at Dollar Tree.

As the weeks have gone by we have looked at clearance and sales. My daughter just like pink so my mother in-law found her a light pink and blue comforter which will work great for a Hello Kitty theme room so we will look for some Hello Kitty Accessories to match her room. Now that we have a point of reference we can look for some great deals. This is so exciting for her that she can pick out items she really likes.

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