Graduation Centerpiece Decoration

Dollar Tree Graduation Table Decoration

Graduation Centerpiece Decoration

All items purchased from Dollar Tree. Below you will find the supplies listed for items you need as well as step by step instructions on how to make a Graduation Centerpiece Decoration.

What you Need:

– Graduation Candy

– Margarita Plastic Glass

– Streamers or Tissue Paper

– Curling Ribbon or Fishing Wire

How to Make:

1. Take the tissue paper and cut square pieces about 3inx3in. The easiest way is fold one tissue paper until you achieve this size!

2. Take 5-7 sheets and start fanning the papers about 1/2 inch until the end.

3. Take the curling ribbon and tie in the middle.

4. Pull the tissue out slowly apart making it into a flower shape.

5. Repeat steps 3-4 until desired amount of paper flowers are created.

6. Take a piece of curling ribbon to tie around the base of the glass. On this string you will tie desired flowers on it.

7. Attach the string onto the base of the glass.

8. Add Candies to the cup.

You Did It!

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