How to Make a Graduation Smiley Face Pinata

graduation smile face pinata

How to Make a Graduation Smiley Face Pinata

Are you graduating? Do you know someone who is graduating? Don’t you ever get the feeling when you have accomplished something that has taken so long to complete it would feel great to bash something like a Pinata? Here is a simple and easy way to make a Pinata and that is also budget friendly.

What you Need:

– Large Balloon

– Yellow and Black tissue paper

– Glue or Flour and Water Mix

– Newspaper

– Graduation Cap (paper ones can be found at Dollar Tree for $1)

– Bungee Cord

– Packaging Tape

– 2 Bowls


How to Make:

1. First blow air into the balloon until it is as big as you desire and place standing with base into one of the bowls.

2. Make the flour and water paste mix into one of the bowls.

3. Shred your Newspapers into 2 inch width by 6-8 inches in length.

4. Slide the Newspaper strips one at a time through the flour and water paste mix covering both sides of the newspaper.

5. Place the moist strip to the balloon. Repeat until the entire balloon is covered with 1 layer.

6. Let it sit until dry. For quicker drying methods you can use a hair dryer but stand a good distance away to not over heat the paste and balloon. You can also use a fan and turning the balloon until all sides are dry.

7. Continue with the second layer and drying and repeating until it is as thick as you want. I prefer 8-10 layers. This can take anywhere from 4-8 hrs depending on how many layers you want and how fast each layer dries.

8. Take your Bungee cord and slip a loop through a small 4 by 4 inch piece of cardboard and tape down. add this to the inside of the pinata and secure it with tape. This is the handle that the pinata hangs from.

9. Cut a 2 inch by 2 inch squares in both yellow and black tissue paper.

10. Using the eraser tip end of a pencil place 1 square of tissue paper and dip into flour and water paste. Repeat this until your entire pinata is covered.

11. Make sure to draw your patter on the pinata so you know which colors correspond the the pinata. Make sure to add your pinata party favors before closing up the hole.

smiley face pinata


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