Ham Roll Recipe

Ham Rolls


Ham Roll Recipe

I’m not much of a cook so for the longest time I have left recipes off my blog because I felt I was not very qualified to give advice on some recipes.But here is my sisters ham roll recipe

But I have gained some confidence and learned that I do have a few great recipes that I know how they are made and I like. Now its time to start sharing.

This one below is from my sister but it is excellent.


What you Need:

2 8 oz cream cheese tub or package
3 tbsp of worchestire
Green onions sliced thinly


How to Make it:

1. Chopped the stock of onion very finely.

2. Take the tubs of cream cheese and empty into a mixing bowl. Add 3 tbsp of Worchestire sauce and add green onion. Mix all together.

3. Add Worcheshire sauce as needed to taste.

4. Spread thinly on sliced cooked ham and roll tightly.

5. Slice in 4-5 depending how think you want them.

That’s it! Enjoy. They make for great snacks for the kids as well.


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