Handmade Microphone Tutorial


Handmade Microphone Tutorial

Are you planning an Awesome theme party? Maybe you are looking for prop ideas to add to your already Handmade Photo booth. Whatever you are seeking to do here is a easy and inexpensive tutorial on making your own microphones. Below you will find a list of supplies you will need plus step by step instructions on how to make a handmade microphone.


What you Need:

– Dowel rods ($.97 for 16 at Walmart)

– Christmas bulbs (perferably plastic shatter proof)

– Duck tape

Microphone supplies


How to Make:

1. Take your Christmas bulb and remove the top from the loop. I used ones I got at Target Christmas clearance paid $1.50 for 40 and half were already glittered.

Microphone step 1

2. Make sure the hole is large enough to snuggle insert the dowel rod. If if needs to be bigger use a knife to shred the inner side. Place dowel rod inside.

Microphone step 2

3. Tape the neck using duck tape to secure.

Microphone step 3

4. Continue using Duck tape to cover entire dowel rod. You can wrap paper around the dowel rod and then tape to increase the size of the handle.

Microphone step 4

That is it! You are done!

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