Handy Manny Measuring Tape Pinata

handy manny pinata

Handy Manny Measuring Tape Pinata

What you Need:

– Cardboard box

– Packaging Tape

– Purple Tissue Paper

– White Tissue Paper

– File Folders

– Bungee


How to Make:

1. Take your cardboard preferably a rectangle box.

Handy Manny Pinata step 1

2. Take your bungee and make a loop go thru a hole of a piece of cardboard. Secure with duck tape.

3. Tape the bungee with loop on the outside to the top of the box.

Handy Manny Pinata

4. Make sure to add all your pinata fillings with candy and goodies and close it up.

5. Add the eyes by using  rolled up into a ball plastic bags. Cover with tape to make the shape.

6. Take your purple tissue paper and cover entire pinata and tape down.

7. Cover the eyes with white tissue paper.

8. Add the white mouth and purple forehead.

9. Add red tongue and black circles for eyes.

Handy Manny Tape Measure Pinata

That’s it! You are Done!

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