Handy Manny Party Ideas

Handy Manny Party Ideas

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Handy Manny Invites

Handy Manny invite

Table Decorations

Handy Manny Partyware 


Wall Decorations

3 ft tall Handy Manny!

handy manny wall decor


Great photo opp for your party and the kids absolutely enjoyed having an almost life size to them Handy Manny. Check out the Handy Manny Tutorial.

Measuring sticks – Measure Twice cut once! Check out this tutorial!


Handy Manny Tools

tools in back

Party Favors

Target was an excellent place to get $.25 tools. I gave the adult a brown bag with a hammer, screw driver and balance.

Handy Manny Food


Handy Manny Cake


Handy Manny Measuring Tape Pinata

measuring tape pinata


Made from a cardboard box you will find this Handy Manny Measuring Tape a wonderful addition to a Handy Manny Party. Check out the Handy Manny Measuring Tape Pinata Tutorial.

Thank You Cards

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