What would make your heart jump out a million times

AEP bill

What would make your heart jump out a million times

So what would make your heart jump out a million times over in a matter of seconds?

Above pictured is my power bill we just got with a termination notice in a week. YIKES. So how did we get here? Well you can read about how we are paying for the wrong meter!

Yup you read that right we are paying for the wrong meter. a meter that is not even attached to our home or in our neighborhood.

We hadn’t received a call or letter in the mail so while I was thinking about it I called yesterday at the same time I login online to see our bill and have the info in front of me to see if there was any resolution.

My heart started pounding quickly and jumped in and out a million times when I saw this amount.

That wasn’t it. Yesterday was Feb. 6th and the termination notice was for Feb. 15th. We do not have that kind of money at all, I was horrified. The representative came on and naturally asked how would like to take care of our bill to avoid termination. I was like “Ummmmmm, I’m not paying anything until I know what is going on.”

She had to place me on hold to look into things. She came back on about 4-5 mins. later and gave me a number to call at 4 pm if I do not receive a call before then about my account.

I got a call this morning assuring me they are taking care of our bill and will adjust it accurately to the day we moved in so we should see a size-able credit to our account. We will still owe some for the current month but no way near the amount we had been paying for the other persons meter.

So I can now sit down and rest a moment but my I’m sure I won’t rest well until I see our electric bill adjusted according to our actual usage.

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