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Hello Kitty Party Decorations


There are so many theme patterns for Hello Kitty but as always I like to add my own splash and create a party that is one of a kind. My little princess and I had so much fun with this Hello Kitty theme.

Hello Kitty Invitations

Hello Kitty Invitation

Made from black, white and pink cardstock. You can purchase the SVG, PDF, PNG file in the Party Store. These are so simple and easy to make Hello Kitty Invitations. I added some glitter glue to the pink bow to give some sparkling to the invitation.

Hello Kitty Partyware

1. Hello Kitty Partyware from Birthdayinabox.com

Hello Kitty Partyware

These plates can be found at Wal-mart for the same price but with Birthdayinthebox.com you don’t have to waste time calling up the store or driving from store to store to make sure you have enough plates and cups and other matching partyware. The work is done for you, simply select a party pack that fits your needs and order. And it will be on its way and you don’t have to leave your house. My kind of shopping! I added the hard plastic plates underneath for added support for those like parents that tend to stand behind their kids at parties. It also makes the plates pop a little more and you have more of a focal point. I really like the bright colors, gives you additional colors to work with for the overall theme, especially if you only have a few of each colors!

I am very impressed with how sturdy and bright colors these plates have. Simply add volume by using a teal, green or black plastic tablecloth as the background to make these plates pop if you don’t have slightly larger plates that compliment the colors.

Hello Kitty Party


2. Hello Kitty Serving Plates

Hello Kitty Serving Plate

These cute kitty serving plates are so awesome and easy to make. I was going to use them to hold our veggies and fruits on the food table. I got the idea from allcraftypants.com and encourage you to take a look at the other kitty ideas she has as well. Very talented and simple to make ideas.

3. Hello Kitty Cups

Hello Kitty Cups

I am all about saving some money! I am also all about coordinating with the colors as well, so I picked up some black paper cups from Dollar Tree to accent the plates. These also pop out from the backdrop of the tablecloth. I simply cut several bows from the Hello Kitty Invite shapes that you can find in the party store. I glued the bows onto the cups opposite of the seams and I think they came out rather well. What do you think?

Hello Kitty Cupcake plate

4. Hello Kitty Tablecloth

Use a pink plastic tablecloth you can find these at Dollar Tree for $1 or $.97 at Wal-mart. I already had a white cloth tablecloth so I wasn’t able to make it to the store in time for the party to grab one.

5. Hello Kitty Bow Napkins

Hello Kitty Bow Napkin

These are so simple. You can either use Hot pink napkins that can be found at Wal-mart or you can use the polka dotted napkins as featured above. By the way these are from Dollar Tree. Simply fold in half and take a 1 inch strip of black or pink or any coordinating color paper to wrap around the center to make the bow. Use double sided tape to adhere the center strip.

Here is another idea you can do with napkins.

Hello Kitty Napkin

Hello Kitty Favors

1. Hello Kitty Favor Bags

Hello Kitty Favor Bags

Picture credit – DIY Inspired

I made my own from regular white paper bags that I purchased at Dollar Tree but unfortunately I somehow did not take a picture of them! They are very similar to those pictured above with the exception of the pink bow. I used the pink bows I cut from the Hello Kitty party invites featured at the top of this page.

2. Hello Kitty Hair Bands

Hello Kitty Hairband
I am so excited to make the bows! I was going to originally use the streamer bows I made to add to my table decorations but then I remembered I have those $.25 rolls of pink tule I got from Wal-mart Christmas Clearance that I can make both tutu’s as well as the bows for the Headbands. I still used white felt to cut the ears and glued on the pink glittery bows. I think they came out fantastic.

Hello Kitty Headbands 1

3. Hello Kitty Printables

hello kitty printables

Picture Credit – printabletreats.com

Have a printer and paper? Check out these cool Hello Kitty printables from printabletreats.com. I used the ideas to make my own Welcome to the party sign but if you are strapped for time, these are great alternatives.

4. Hello Kitty Tutu’s

Hello Kitty Tutu

Not that long ago we were finishing up Christmas and then everything went on clearance. I love clearance. Well this Christmas Wal-mart had $1 rolls of Tule that came in green, pink, purple or blue. Well by the time I got to the clearance I paid $.25 each one. I was hesitant to buy so many because I wasn’t quit sure what I would use them for and then I had an AWE moment. I can make pink Tutu’s for this awesome Hello Kitty theme party! Yay me and the cost is low!!! I’m still waiting for the picture to post. I simply took an elastic band you would find in a pair of legging pants and tied strips of the tulle on the elastic band all the way around the tutu until it was full. I used roughly 1 and 1/2 of these rolls I got at Wal-mart. They also had black for $2.50 but were 2/3 bigger then the small ones. You could easily alternate the colors.

5. Hello Kitty Party Hats

Hello Kitty Party Hat

I took black cardstock and traced an already made party hat I had from another party and cut it out. I used the bow from the Hello Kitty Invitations I made featured above. You can also use Pink or White Cardstock. Add the Hello Kitty Shape Invitation. The SVG file for cutting machines can be purchased in the Party Store.

Hello Kitty Party Hat

Hello Kitty Table Decorations

1. Hello Kitty Crepe Paper Bows

Hello Kitty Streamer Bows

Use Pink or Black Streamers and roll out a strip of about 4 inches, using your hand wrap around until you have gone around 4-6 times so it will stay sturdy and then cut and tape your end in the middle of the back of the bow. Then take a strip cut about 1 in or half of the width of the streamer and wrap around the center as you scrunch the middle to make the bow like shape. Wrap until desired and tape to secure.

2. Hello Kitty Tablecloth

You can purchase the White plastic tablecloth from Dollar Tree or Walmart for $1 or under. You can use the rectangle and just cut it circular on the table you will use. Lay on a round or oval table. Cut your black whiskers using Black streamer. Also cut the eyes and nose from the black streamer and tape down. Use on of your pink bows from above or create a larger one from card stock. Use White Card stock to cut the ears and tape to the end of the table you are using as the top.

Or you can do what I did for the food serving table and used a white plastic table cloth from Dollar Tree and added pink canvas wrap I found for less than $1 at Goodwill and laid it over the center of the table and then added my cake platforms and used my kitty serving plates for the veggies and fruits.

Hello Kitty Tablecloth

3. Hello Kitty Centerpieces

Hello Kitty Centerpiece

These are cute, quick and just awesome addition to a Hello Kitty Party. Direct your guests to the center of a table with the Hello Kitty Rainbow Table Centerpiece from Birthdayinabox.com. Not only are they inexpensive you don’t have to call around to various stores asking if they have Hello Kitty decorations and you don’t have to go from store to store potentially lucking out. You get the large Hello Kitty Centerpiece with two smaller versions as pictured below.

Hello Kitty Party 2

Hello Kitty Wall Decorations

1. Hello Kitty Lanterns

Use the Hello Kitty Silhouette shape and cut in on each side of a pink cardstock when its folded in half. Tape two cardstock sheets together to make a lantern. You can add a tea light candle in the middle and use as a centerpiece or you can add several together to hang around the room as a garland. I like both ideas!

2. Hello Kitty Banner

Hello Kitty Banner

I love this banner. It is 10 ft long and that is long! This is from birthdayinabox.com an you can purchase it for less than $6. I highly recommend this. Large and sturdy and can be used several times.

Hello Kitty Games

1. Pin the Bow on Hello Kitty Game

pin the bow on hello kitty

picture credit – cinsarah

You can use the same Hello Kitty Party Invitation as featured at the top of this page or check out cinsarah for a FREE printable to play pin the bow on Hello Kitty. Easy and fun game to add to your party.

Hello Kitty Food Ideas

1. Hello Kitty Cake

hello kitty cake

Picture credit to Betty Crocker

I am not great at making cakes but if you have the Hello Kitty cake mold it can’t be that hard right? Since I keep my birthday parties at a low cost I prefer to make as much as I can so I don’t go over in cost. We actually went for Chocolate cupcakes my little princess’ favorite so I did not have the joy of making this cake shown above by Betty Crocker.

Hello Kitty Cupcake mess

2. Hello Kitty Drinks

If you have clear cups you can easily pour some milk and mix Strawberry syrup to make Strawberry milk. Add a black and White straw with a pink bow to add to the party.

Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Pinata

Hello Kitty Pinata is made from Christmas Gift boxes, white tissue paper, black, yellow cardstock and pink ribbon. Be sure to check out the Hello Kitty Pinata Tutorial.

Hello Kitty Thank You Cards


hello kitty invitation

picture credit – Roots and Wings

I simply made enough Hello Kitty Invitations to use as Thank you cards but I wanted to give you another cute idea to make the Thank you cards a bit different.

hello kitty balloon

Don’t forget the balloons. Parties have to have some balloons.We had many pink, purple and black balloons. The best part was when my little princess saw the HUGE Hello Kitty Balloon.

Hello Kitty Balloon 22

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