Homemade Pinatas

Homemade Pinatas

These are simple to follow step by step instructions with pictures. Most items to make these handmade Pinatas can be found and purchased at Dollar Tree.

If you don’t see a pinata you would like a tutorial for just leave a suggestion in the comments and I will do my best to make one with step by step tutorial with pictures. Thanks for coming and checking out these pinatas.


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30+ Homemade Pinatas

Handy Manny Tape Measure Pinata

  1. Handy Manny Tape Measure Pinata. Made from a rectangle box, purple, white, black and light blue tissue paper, packaging tape, bungee cord. Also check out other Handy Manny Party Ideas.


2. Rapunzel Tower Pinata for a Tangled Party. There are other simple and inexpensive Tangled Birthday Party Ideas.

Pokemon Great Ball Pinata

3. Pokemon Great Ball Pinata. Be sure to check out all the wonderful Pokemon Party Ideas.

BB-8 Pinata Tutorial

4. BB-8 Pinata.

Snoopy Pinata - Charlie Brown Peanuts Pinata

5. Snoopy Dog House Pinata

Cinderella pinata

5. Cinderella Carriage Pinata

Minecraft Pinata

6. Minecraft Creeper Pinata

Sombrero Pinata Fish pinata Shaun the Sheep Pinata iPhone Pinata Baymax Pinata DIY Hello Kitty Pinata smiley face pinata Captain America Shield pinata "Blu" Rio Theme Pinata Batman Pinata Olaf pinata tutorial Dr. Seuss Hat Pinata LEGO Pinata Tutorial McQueen pinata treasure chest Jake and the neverland pirate treasure chest pinata tinkerbell flower pinata How to Make a Minion Pinata out of cardboard despicable Me Optimus Prime Pinata graduation smile face pinata Super mario 1 up pinata how to make a transformers Pinata how to make a blues clues pinata how to make a donald duck pinata homemade batman Pinata how to make a frog pinata how to make a spider-man pinata dora backpack pinata Red Power Ranger Samurai Piñata princess castle pinata
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