How I made 156 loads of Laundry Detergent for less than a $1


So first of all I can’t say I got the idea all by myself. I googled and. The first that comes up has 10 was to make it. I choose number 5 since I only needed to buy the bakings soda.

I also found a post about making baking soda into washing soda by simply baking it for 30 mins. Thanks to penniless parenting. You can read the details here as to why that works, I’m not going to pretend I knew all that!

As the baking soda was baking I then grated a dove body bar soap. Forgive me if this doesn’t work but those are the bar soaps I have in my stash and I got them FREE from Kroger I think in January not sure. It took time to grate it and my hand hurts but hope its worth it and it smells good.

I then put the shave in a pot and slightly covered with water and heated until it became a cream.

I then measure 2.5 gallons of very hot water and then mixed the cream mix in and then added my 1 cup of baked baking soda and mixed all together. After about 5 minutes it starated to become all gooey like liquid laundry detergent. I had kept 5 of my old laundry detergent bottles in hopes that one day I would make my own laundry detergent. I filled all five up and still had enough to fill another so I used ana leaned empty apple juice container for the remainder.

So I only paid for the baking soda which after the coupon Kroger sent me today I only paid $.59 for plus I did pay taxon the soap bar which was 5 cents. So my total is about $.65 for 156 loads.


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