How Many is Too Many

How Many is Too Many

How many egg hunts is too many? What got me thinking of this is at the time of writing this post my kids have had 3 egg hunts already and 2 more to go.
The first one was planned to go with my sisters family who live a town over and it was a community one where you had to register to participate. The second one was a spur of the moment at a nearby church as a way to spend time with friends and their daughter.
Today was the third egg hunt where we helped out the preschool where two of my kids attend they each had a Easter egg hunt for their class.
Now we have a planned Easter egg hunt with my family as a family Easter celebration and followed on Easter we have another planned egg hunt for my in-laws so my kids can enjoy Easter with their grandparents. So this brings me to my question, how many is too many?
I’m not saying 5 is too many or that less than 5 is not enough. I know for our family with 3 kids and family and friends so close that this just happened to be the best for us.
For each of my kids classes we donated twice the amount of eggs and then some not because we were proud to do so but we certainly had the means to. Between last year, sales, and this year we have calculated we ended up with over 400 plastic eggs please keep in mind that is spread between 8 kids, many events and 3 families and we recycled the eggs so they can be reused. The candy we used to fill them was the lifesaver jellybeans from Walgreens a couple weeks ago that cost less than a $1 for how many 3 families purchased so we didn’t spend a fortune at all and we plan on reusing the plastic eggs for next year as well.
So what are your plans for Easter?
This post is not intended to discount or ignore that we celebrate Easter as a celebration of Jesus rising we most certainly will be celebrating our Lord and Savior. this post in no way is meant to offend or discourage anyone, it is simply written because it was a thought I had and I felt I should write it.

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  1. Dwn

    We have done about 3 in the kids are now too old for the hunts (youngest is 9 and feels he is too old lol). We save our eggs and between myself, MIL and SIL the kids always had enough eggs. I don’t think I had bought new eggs to fill after we started it since we saved them. Maybe I’d buy a dozen or 2 if I felt like it but with me having 3 we always had enough eggs. My MIL would take a dozen and put change in them and with 6 grandkids would take 6 eggs number them 1-6 and put $1 in them. If you found a number egg you couldn’t get another one, leave for someone else. They always helped each other too. We use to do Resurrection eggs that if no one has heard of are a dozen eggs that held a piece of the Resurrection story. My husband would make a big deal about those eggs explaining each one to the kids (he was a children’s pastor when the kids were little) and tell them the story.

    I think for as many kids as you have in your family 5 is a perfect number. I’d go crazy if I did more than that and now I miss that my kids don’t want to hunt anymore 🙂 But I do get to fill a dozen for my 2 yr old nephew and because I want to not because I have to 🙂

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