How to create your own Store Coupon Matchups

Need to save money? Want to start using coupons like a pro? Here is how to create your own store/coupon match-ups. I know what it is like to need to save money. I started to use coupons and the best thing I learned was to make my own store coupon match-ups and know how to get the best deals.

Step 1 – Gather all ads of stores you will shop at for the week. Most ads come in the Sunday Paper. Others like Harris Teeter and Food Lion come in the Wednesday paper. You can also view most store ads online.

Step 2 – Take each store ad one by one and compare it to the coupon database of your choice. I use coupon database its is kept up daily and new coupons are added all the time. It includes all Magazine coupons, store coupons and printables as well as Sunday insert coupons.

Coupons tend to run in a 3, 6 or 12 week cycle and typically correspond to the store ads each week.

Step 3 – Start with one store and mark items of your interest and create a list with those and include the price.

Step 4 – Search the coupon database and list all the coupons for the items you selected of interest.

Step 5 – When you finish that store coupon matchups go back and review and see which coupons will give you the greatest $$ off and make a great deal.

Step 6 – Do this for each store that you typically visit and you will see a trend and be able to recall the coupons used from one store matchup to the next.

Step 7 – After completing your lists for each store you can then compare the prices and coupon match-ups between the stores to see which products are the best deals at each given store.

Step 8 – Then you will want to create a list of items you plan on purchasing for each store along with the coupons you plan on using.

Step 9 – Now is the time to pull out the coupons you plan on using for each store. Clip the coupons using a paper clip to each store list to make it easier to maneuver through the store.

  • Only shop for the items on your list unless you find a great deal in the clearance or closeout prices.
  • Always carry all your coupons with you when shopping you never know when you will find a great deal.
  • To save the most money, do all your shopping and errands for the week in a few trips.
  • Remember if an item is not in stock that you plan on purchasing ask for a rain-check, so you don’t have to check the store every day if they have the item in stock.
  • Keep your receipts because you will be able to see a pattern when each store has their sales and the bottom line price you paid for those items.
  • Keep in mind the more coupons you have of an item, will bring you greater savings.

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