How to Fix a Washing Machine Drain Leak!

washing machine drain leak


How to Fix a Washing Machine Drain Leak

We got our first major appliance when the hubby and I got married. It was a Washing Machine from my in-laws as our wedding gift. I am very grateful for it but it is rounding 10 yrs now and most machines last between 10-15 yrs so we know its becoming time we need to replace it.

As you may know we are living on the bare minimum right now and really don’t have the money to go and buy a new washer. Putting on credit is out of the question so we needed a alternative that will last for awhile until we can save to purchase a new one so thanks to a tip from my sister here is how we fixed a pipe leak.

We have a leak in our drain pipe which has caused a mess. Yes it was coming loose but instead of tightening it every couple of months my sister suggested getting epoxy and sealing the pipe on!

So yes yesterday I took my Dollar General ad and priced matched Bic Razors and got them FREE plus used the overage to lower my cost of the epoxy!

Yes smart shopping I know!

We then read the instructions on the epoxy and went to work after pulling the washer away from the wall and determining the leak is coming from the drain pipe we previously connected to the Washing Machine with a regular washer clamp. We did leave the clamp on to tighten into place. The Epoxy we used is Gorilla paste and sets in 5 mins. and suggests to wait 30 mins. before using the item we are sealing. We plan on letting it sit for a couple of hours before putting the Washer back in place and trying it out.

So yes for less than $5 we have that sucker sealed and hope this will make the Washing Machine last us a little longer. We do not have the money to go and wash our clothes at a laundry mat and at that point we should just be saving that money to buy a new one soon.

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