How to have a Budget Savvy Bachelorette Party

How to have a Budget Savvy Bachelorette Party

First off if you are the best friend or the Maid/Matron of Honor of the Bride you know the Bride Best. Keep that in mind, because the Bachelorette Party you throw for her should be one that SHE enjoys and not one that caters to you or the bridesmaids.

So What does a Bride want at her Bachelorette Party? Most likely anything at she can talk and enjoy the company of her friends and bridal party.

So What to plan for a Budget Savvy Bachelorette Party?

1. Venue.

Think of something the Bride will enjoy even if it means going over to the brides home and having fun there. Consider the local library meeting room but make sure to plan for cleanup, setup and take down time and help. Summer weddings can have a great bachelorette party outdoors consider the backyard. Other places that may be of interest; parks, roller skating places, ice rinks, meeting facilities, church classroom, so many possibilities.

2. Decorations.

Your decorations don’t have to be anything fancy which means Dollar Tree can be a great place to get some fun and simple decorations. Also try to incorporate your theme into decorations for instance if you are using silk flowers for the bridesmaids flowers or any non traditional arrangement for the bridesmaids these can act as decorations for the bachelorette party.

3. Games/fun.

If the Bride to be is up for board games or even some bridal games come up with some ideas to keep the party going. often times the funniest and most memorable moments of an event are the silliest things. Some ideas can include Bridal Bingo, Toilet paper Bridal Dress, Toss the bouquet,

4. Food.

Are you going out to eat or are you doing platters and free for all? Decide what you plan on doing for food. If you are staying having a movie night sleepover type thing then ordering pizza maybe the best option. Make sure you collect all money from everyone before the big night so everything can be ordered and paid for so you can avoid those awkward moments of who owes what.

5. Date.

Traditionally the Bachelorette party is held the night before the wedding but often times earlier in the week is better for others because of work schedule and if you are renting a facility out then doing a party in the week is often cheaper.

6. Invitees.

Request a list from the Bride for the ladies she would like to invite. Most likely the bridesmaids will be includes as well as some close friends.

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